TimberTech Decking

TimberTech Decking

Elevate your outdoor spaces into stunning, durable retreats with TimberTech’s high-performance decking solutions. Whether you dream of a cozy backyard haven or a grand outdoor venue for entertaining, TimberTech decking offers the perfect blend of beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance to fulfill your vision. At Majestic Outdoors, we can help you choose the best decking product for your project.

Photo of elevated deck made of TimberTech decking with outdoor furniture.

TimberTech’s Innovative Decking Solutions

TimberTech, an AZEK company, provides two primary categories of decking products: Composite and Advanced PVC decking collections. You will have plenty of options to find the color, texture, and performance that best fits your lifestyle.

TimberTech Composite Decking

The composite materials combine recycled wood fibers with synthetic polymers. The composite deck boards in this line feature a protective polymer cap on three or four sides, enhancing their resistance to the elements. This line offers a variety of wood grain patterns and hues that replicate the natural beauty of wood. The composite decking line features:

  • Legacy Collection: Known for its timeless sophistication and refined aesthetic.
  • Reserve Collection: Delivers the warmth and charm of traditional wood decking.
  • Terrain+ Collection: This new collection offers improved color blending technology and delivers sophisticated colors with a subtle wood grain pattern.
  • Terrain Collection: Offers a rugged and textured appearance, suitable for adventurous settings.
  • Prime+ Collection: Provides elevated performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal.
  • Prime Collection: Balances style, performance, and affordability.
  • Premier Collection: Represents the apex of luxury with unmatched beauty and resilience.

TimberTech Advanced PVC Decking

This product line is made entirely from synthetic polyvinyl chloride (PVC), offering exceptional resistance to moisture and weathering, ensuring its durability. The appearance of these decks mimics that of natural wood, providing the visual appeal of wood without the high maintenance. The advanced PVC Decking line includes:

  • Harvest Collection: Reflects the rustic charm of hand-scraped hardwood.
  • Landmark Collection: Offers the timeless elegance of traditional wood decking.
  • Vintage Collection: Captures the aged look of reclaimed wood.

aerial view of a composite deck with railing and stairs made of TimberTech decking materials.

Benefits of TimberTech Decking: Durability and Long-Lasting Performance

Discover the wide range of benefits TimberTech decking, a superior alternative to traditional wood, offers. Experience unmatched durability, low maintenance, realistic wood aesthetics, and environmental sustainability all in one innovative solution.

Exceptional Durability and Warranty Support

TimberTech decking stands out for its exceptional durability and comprehensive warranty offerings:

  • TimberTech advanced PVC decking comes with a 50-year fade and stain warranty alongside a limited lifetime product warranty.
  • TimberTech composite decking is supported by a 25-30-year product and fade/stain warranty. They are robust enough to withstand severe weather conditions and UV exposure, maintaining structural integrity and appearance for years.

Low Maintenance Requirements

TimberTech decking significantly reduces the upkeep required compared to traditional wood decking:

  • Eliminates the need for annual sanding, staining, or sealing.
  • Features rotting, fading, staining, mold, and mildew resistance.
  • Cleans easily with soap and water. This low-maintenance advantage saves time and effort and reduces the long-term costs associated with wood decking upkeep.

Realistic Wood Aesthetics

Despite being made from composite or polymer materials, TimberTech decking beautifully mimics the natural appearance of wood:

  • It offers a variety of colors, textures, and patterns that replicate different wood species.
  • Includes unique textural options such as wire-brushed or hand-scraped finishes for enhanced realism.
  • It provides the flexibility to achieve either traditional wood looks or modern styles, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of wood without the practical drawbacks.

Environmental Benefits

Choosing TimberTech decking supports sustainable practices:

  • Composite boards are crafted from a mix of recycled wood fibers and plastics.
  • TimberTech PVC decking is made without cutting down any trees.
  • Embraces a more eco-friendly manufacturing process compared to traditional wood decking. These features make TimberTech an ideal choice for environmentally conscious homeowners looking for a durable, low-maintenance, and beautiful decking solution that provides lasting value and enjoyment.

TimberTech vs. Wood Decking: A Comparative Analysis

photo of raised deck with outdoor furniture.

TimberTech decking presents a compelling array of benefits over traditional wood decking, making it a superior choice for those seeking long-term value and ease of maintenance:

  • Reduced Maintenance and Cost-Effectiveness: A TimberTech deck requires significantly less upkeep than a wood deck, leading to lower costs and less effort over the deck’s lifespan.
  • Enhanced Durability: TimberTech decks are built to last longer and maintain their appearance over time, with greater resistance to weathering, insects, and general wear and tear.
  • Sustainability: Constructed from recycled materials, TimberTech decking offers an environmentally friendly alternative without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.
  • Authentic Wood Appearance: Enjoy the beauty of natural wood without the associated maintenance issues. TimberTech decks also remain cooler underfoot in hot weather, enhancing comfort.
  • Superior Warranty Protection: TimberTech’s longer product warranties provide more peace of mind than standard wood decking.

While wood decking may initially be more affordable, the ongoing maintenance and potential for replacement costs make TimberTech a more economically sound choice in the long run than traditional lumber.

Types of Decks You Can Build with TimberTech Products

Photo of an outdoor kitchen on a TimberTech deck.

With TimberTech, you can build a variety of custom decks to suit different aesthetics, functionalities, and settings. Here are some popular options:

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TimberTech Decking FAQs

Can TimberTech decking be installed over an existing deck?

Yes, TimberTech decking can be installed over an existing deck structure, provided the existing deck substructure is sound and meets all local building code requirements. Before proceeding with installation, it is important to assess the health of the existing deck frame and joists to ensure they are free of rot and structural damage.

Is TimberTech decking slip-resistant?

TimberTech decking is designed with slip resistance in mind, making it a safer choice for wet areas. While no decking material can be completely slip-proof, TimberTech’s textured surfaces help reduce the risk of slipping when the decking is wet, making them a good choice for pool decks.

How does TimberTech withstand extreme temperatures?

TimberTech decking is engineered to perform well under various temperature conditions. It is built to expand and contract naturally with changing temperatures without deteriorating. However, slight thermal expansion and contraction can be expected, like all composite materials.