Our Process

Our Process to Design and Build Your Majestic Deck, Patio, or Pergola

When you reach out to Majestic Outdoors to bring your dream outdoor living space to life, we guide you through every step of our process.

Contact Us

Fill out the contact us form on the website, and we’ll reach out to you to gather the initial information on your project. We will answer all your questions and ask a few ourselves before scheduling your on-site consultation.

On-Site Consultation

When we arrive for your consultation, we’ll review the work area while discussing your project. Our thorough analysis will give us clear insights into your needs. We’ll share our past designs as inspiration to help you decide what you want in your space.

Our recommendations will align with your budget. Whether you want to spend high-end six digits to transform your outdoor experience or mid-level five digits, we can deliver the perfect results!


At Majestic Outdoors, we understand that all outdoor projects are unique. Therefore, we spend time in this stage of our process to create 2D or 3D designs that capture everything you want and all we discussed in the consultation phase.

After you approve the design, we’ll send you a price quote and the project contract. With the contracts signed, we’ll proceed with securing permits, guiding you through securing HOA approval, and more.


Minus any unforeseen delays due to weather, material availability, or approval paperwork, we’ll proceed with the construction work on schedule.

We arrive with our team of fully-vetted workers and all the necessary equipment to make your project a breeze.

Upon completion, we’ll show you around the finished work site, so you can point out any issues you’d like us to fix to ensure you’re satisfied.


When we are done building and fitting all components, you can relax and enjoy your new outdoor space. You never have to worry about the longevity of your deck, patio, pergola, or outdoor kitchen. Our customers enjoy generous workmanship and manufacturer warranties. It’s no surprise that our process continues to earn us rave reviews to date!