Modern Pergolas and Their Cost Factors

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Investing in Modern Pergolas? Factors Influencing Your StruXure Pergola Cost

freestanding StruXure pergola with outdoor furniture

Outdoor living spaces are practically essential extensions of our homes and businesses, providing a space to relax, entertain, enjoy nature, and socialize.

StruXure Smart Pergolas stand out among the elements enhancing these spaces thanks to their blend of technology, design, and versatility. These contemporary pergolas are much different than traditional wood pergolas and add a nice, modern touch.

If you’re considering investing in an outdoor living space, our team at Majestic Outdoors wants you to understand what features and challenges that will influence the cost. Here are the factors that affect the cost of a StruXure Pergola.

Factors Influencing StruXure Pergola Cost

The cost of a StruXure Louvered Pergola isn’t one-size-fits-all. Majestic Outdoors offers customizable pergolas, making every outdoor living space a unique project. Several variables play a critical role in determining the final price, including:

  • Size: The pergola’s dimensions are a primary cost determinant. Larger structures require more design, materials and labor, impacting the overall price.
  • Materials: StruXure pergolas are aluminum with some options for color finishes.
  • Installation Complexity: The complexity of the installation process, including the terrain of your outdoor space and any additional home architectural elements or structural modifications, can affect the cost.
  • Additional Features: Options such as screens, heating elements, and sound systems enhance comfort but add to the overall investment.

The Impact of Size on StruXure Pergola Cost

Two pergolas providing cover by pool side

One of the most significant factors affecting the cost of a StruXure Pergola is its size. The dimensions directly influence the amount of material required, design complexity, and labor involved in installation.

As the pergola’s square footage increases, so does the price. Larger pergolas require more materials and additional support beams for structural integrity.

StruXure Pergolas are known for their customizability, allowing homeowners to tailor their outdoor space to their preferences. The extent of customization often correlates with the size of the pergola and larger pergolas offer more room for features, affecting the overall cost.

A smaller StruXure Pergola can be an efficient solution for those with limited space or budget constraints. 

The Role of Materials in Determining StruXure Pergola Cost

StruXure uses extruded aluminum components with a powder coating for the Pergola X model. Material costs depend directly on size, but several options are available for your pergola structure.

StruXure offers six standard color options for the Pergola X: White, Beige, Adobe, Gray, Bronze, and Black all available at no extra cost.

For a more personalized touch, thousands of custom colors are available and if you prefer the look of wood, StruXure provides a wood-grain finish. This is achieved using a chemical-textured powder coat applied to the color of your choice. It offers a more scratch-resistant surface and a matte finish.

Choosing custom colors or a wood-grain finish will add to your StruXure Pergola cost. 

How Installation Complexity and Flooring Choices Impact Your StruXure Pergola Investment

The overall cost can be influenced by the installation complexity of these custom pergolas, namely, the terrain in your yard. Is landscaping or structural modifications needed?

Complex installations might require additional groundwork, custom solutions to deal with uneven landscapes, or integration with existing outdoor features.

These factors require more labor and sometimes more materials, introducing variability in the cost. When planning for a StruXure Pergola, we will help you understand the specific requirements of your outdoor space so there are no surprises.

Flooring options beneath a StruXure Pergola include natural stone, pavers, composite decking, and poured concrete. Each can complement the pergola’s design while aligning with the homeowner’s preferences and the installation’s specific requirements. 

Additional Features Enhancing the Value and Cost of StruXure Pergolas

StruXure Pergola providing shade for an outdoor kitchen and dining area.

A hallmark feature of these luxury pergolas is the motorized louvered roof system, allowing real-time adjustment of sunlight and shade. This advanced technology enhances comfort and usability but adds to the cost due to its complexity. The adaptable outdoor living space is well worth the investment. Here are additional features to consider for maximizing your StruXure Pergola’s utility and enjoyment:

Each feature adds value and increases the overall cost, but the enhanced functionality and enjoyment make them worthwhile investments.

Maximizing Your Investment with Majestic Outdoors

Investing in a StruXure Pergola is about more than enhancing outdoor appeal; it’s about creating a versatile living space that is adaptable to weather conditions. Majestic Outdoors can help you understand how your pergola design features will impact the final cost.

Ready to elevate your outdoor living space? Contact us today to request a consultation. We will discuss your project goals and budget to find the products and services that best suit your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!