Curb Appeal


     Majestic Outdoors gives you a complete landscape; from initial consultation, education of plant types and options, to installation, and maintenance. Our goal is to provide you with a landscape that you will enjoy and love coming home too. Site evaluation is very important to see conditions such as sun exposure, drainage requirements and soil type. Every  homeowner has different tastes and expectations for what you are looking for in a landscape. There are many different ways to establish and provide your landscape from low maintenance, drought tolerant designs to theme gardens, the concepts are endless.



     North Carolina has more native species of plants than anywhere else in the United States. Plus many other types of ornamentals, trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, ground cover, and sod can be used in your design. With so many choices we will work with you on proper selection and education  about your plants so you will have a happy, prosperous landscape. Our availability for plants is through many nurseries form the mountains to the coast.  


Warranty and Maintenance

     All  container trees and shrubs purchased from Majestic Outdoors are covered for 1 year  from the date of installation. Larger specimans that come as B&B are covered for 6 months.  We also followup to ensure that everything is going as expected with your landscaping. Extended warranty and plant care plan are available with our maintenance contracts that would establish routine landscaping care done by Majestic Outdoors.